According to me the best example of Kabad se jugad Drawing

According to me the best example of kabaad se jugad is a very important topic for the CBSE Expression series 2023. Here you get According to me the best example of kabaad se jugad Drawing , kabad se jugad painting, According to me the best example of kabaad se jugad in 400 words. There is full details about the topic  “According to me  the best example of kabaad se jugad“.  Let’s see this According to me the best example of kabaad se jugad Drawing ideas which is very useful for class 5th to 12th. 

According to me the best example of kabaad se jugad Drawing 

Kabad se jugad is a great initiative to protect the environment by the government. The motive of CBSE Expression series 2023-24 is to encourage students towards our nature. There are people who don’t care about the pollution. These things are very low on their priority list. Hence, they lack the motivation to contribute to an initiative like kabad se jugad, best out of waste and recycling for a green-friendly environment.

Kabad se jugad Painting 

How to make kabad se jugad Drawing ? This is the first doubt that can comes in mind of every student. Don’t worry Here you get Kabad se jugad Drawing ideas which are helpful for students in their Cbse Expression series 2023-24 competition. There are few steps to make kabad se jugad Drawing which are as follow.

Draw a sketch related to environment, save earth : { Step 1} 

Only a few materials are needed for this Kabad se jugad Drawing:




Colours ( pencil, sketch or water)

Drawing Sheet

Take Drawing sheet A3, A4  { Step 2 }:-

 Take white colour drawing sheet for kabad se jugad painting. 

Write slogan on your Drawing {Step 3}

To make it more attractive write a slogan on your kabad se jugad Drawing. Slogan must be related to your topic. For example the slogan can be related to best out of waste, save planet , mother earth etc.

Make a base drawing related to topic {Step 4}

For winning competition, draw a stronger foundation for your painting on Kabad se jugad, try first drawing a quick sketch. You can also draw recycling, reuse, or environmental related drawings etc.

Add Border to Kabad se jugad Drawing { Step 4 }

Making border for any drawing is necessary. Without border a painting is incomplete. So make a beautiful design around your drawing to make it more attractive. Perfect your lines and presentation until you are satisfied that you have captured the perfect representation.

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Kabad se jugad Cbse Expression series 2023

Primary (Class 3 to 5): Paragraph (150 words) / Painting. Topic- A famous Indian personality who achieved success through his/her skills or Skills a child needs to excel.

Middle (Class 6 to 8): Essay (400 words)/ Painting / Poem. Topic- According to me, the best example of Kabaad se Jugaad is…. or Local skill of my district which I can promote.

Secondary (Class 9 to 10): Essay (700 words) / Painting / Poem. Topic- Emerging industries and required skills or Role of Education in Skill Development.

Senior Secondary (Class 11 to 12): Essay (1000 words) / Painting / Poem. Topic- Globalization and need for globally-relevant skills or Skill development for inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

CBSE Expression series 2023-23 Participation Rules

  • Schools shall organise the school level Expression Series during school hours on the above topics from 24th April to 3rd May, 2023. Information of conduct of the Expression Series should be given to all students.
  • For participation in Expression Series activities, i.e. Essays/ Paragraphs/ Paintings/Poems etc., please use participants’ sheet given as Annexure I or a sheet with all details as given therein.
  • Photographs / Essays can be written in Hindi or English.
  • Schools shall complete the evaluation of entries and shortlist one entry per class category (total 04 entries from a school) for onward submission to CBSE.
  • Entries must be supported by a Certificate of the Head of the Institution/ Teacher In-charge that the entry is the original work of the participant.

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