Meri Mati Mera Desh Slogan in Hindi

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As we all know that India is celebrating its 76th independence day this year. Our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji urged people to participate in Meri Mati Mera Desh compaign ( मेरी माटी मेरा देश अभियान) to celebrate Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav. 

Meri Mati Mera Desh overview 

Meri Mati Mera Desh is a part of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav launched by union Government. Meri Mati Mera Desh campaign at the national level covering every gram panchayat of the country will be topped with a mega event proposed in New Delhi from August 9 to August 15, 2023, in which 75,000 youth from across the country will participate. Meri Mati Mera Desh Abhiyan shows the gratitude towards freedom fighters of our country who were sacrifice their lives for their nation. 

Meri Mati Mera Desh Slogan

In the course of history, slogans have served as powerful tools of expression, embodying the spirit and aspirations of a nation. They have been wielded as calls for unity, statements of identity, and rallying cries for change. Slogans about one’s country are not just catchphrases but representations of the collective consciousness and sentiment of its citizens


Meri Mati Mera Desh slogan in Hindi

मेरी माटी मेरा देश (स्लोगन)

1) हर घर मे तिरंगा लहराएगे 

    मेरी माटी मेरा देश त्यौहार मनाएंगे

2) भारत देश के वीर सपूपो को नमन 

     आजादी मे है इनका अहम योगदान

3) आओ मिलकर राष्ट्रभकित की अलख जगाएगे 

     हर घर तिरंगा हम लहराएगें

4) मेरी देश की माटी है मेरा गर्व 

    आजादी का अमृत महोत्सव है एक पर्व

5) मेरी माटी, मेरी जान 

     मेरा भारत, मेरी शान

6) शहीदो का करो सम्मान 

    वीर सैनिक है हमारा सच्चा अभिमान

7) जो सरहद पर करते है जीवन बलिदान 

     वही है हमारे स्वतंत्रता सेनानी महान

8) “मेरी माटी से जन्मे हम 

      मेरा देश है मेरा धर्म “

9) “मेरी देश की माटी है अनमोल

      देश प्रेम का यही है मोल”

10)”हो चुका है आजादी के अमृत महोत्सव का आगाज

       अब गिरेगी वतन के दुश्मनो पर गाज”

FAQs on Meri Mati Mera Desh

Meri Mati Mera Desh meaning in english

Meri Mati Mera Desh Campaign will be launched to honour the bravehearts and programmes will be organised across India.

Meri Mati Mera Desh Abhiyan objective

The campaign’s goal is to use soil gathered from throughout the nation in August to create a garden called Amrit Vatika along the Kartavya Path in Delhi

Who started Meri Mati Mera Desh compaign

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, July 30, announced that a campaign titled ‘Meri Mati Mera Desh’ will be launched to honour the soldiers who gave the supreme sacrifice for the freedom of the country.

Meri Mati Mera Desh Abhiyan started in

The ‘Meri Mati Mera Desh’ campaign will start on August 9 and will continue till Independence Day on August 15, 2023 with scheduled events.

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