Tourism in india A Growing Global Attraction Essay

Today we provide essay on tourism in India a global growing attraction in english which is suitable for school students of class 6 to 8. This article is useful for those students who participate in the CBSE Expression series 2023-24. In this article you can learn how to write essay on tourism in India a global growing attraction in 400 words easily. So read the full article carefully. 

The 2nd Expression Series for the academic session 2023-24 will be organized by CBSE on the theme ‘G-20: India’s Vision for a harmonious World. Schools shall organise the school level Expression Series during school hours on the above topics from 3rd August to 16th August, 2023. Information of conduct of the Expression Series should be given to all students.

Essay on Tourism in India A Growing Global Attraction 

Tourism in India: A Growing Global attraction in 400 words in english 


India is a vast Country with a lot of beautiful places. Millions of people pay India a visit every year. Our Country offers a variety of sights and Sounds to enjoy, from the vibrant cities to the peaceful countryside. With its diver -sity of tourist attractions, India is also Known for yoga and meditation.

Tourism in India

Tourism is the largest Services industry in india. It provide heritage, Cultural, medical business and Sports tourism. The main objective of this sector is to develop and promote tourism maintain Competitiveness of india as tourist destination and improve & expand existing tourism products to ensure employment.

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India as a Global Tourism attraction:-

India is one of the popular tourist attraction in the world. Bounded by the Himalayan Hanges in the north. Historical monuments fonts, beaches, places of religious interest and hills add to the grandeur of our country. They attracts tourists from all over the world. Wildlife tourism is rise on the wise in the India because India has even rare and endangered species in its wildlife Sanctuaries and National parks.

The Govt of India has taken some major steps in increasing tourism in india Like its international Compaign of incredible India. Incredible India Compaign is not the only one but in India all of the states have their own tourism Compaign.

Tourism in india a growing global attraction essay conclusion:-

In order to boost tourism industry govt of India has decided to implement the a new visa policy, which allows visitors to I get hold of a visa. It presents heritage and cultural tourism along with sports, business tourism. India is a growing tourism Center in the world.

How to participate in CBSE Expression Series 2023-24 

For participation in 1st CBSE Expression Series activities, i.e. Essays/ Paragraphs/ Paintings/Poems etc., please use the participants’ sheet given below or a sheet with all details as given therein.

i.For participation in Expression Series activities, i.e. Essays/ Paragraphs/ Paintings/Poems etc., please use format given at Annexure I. 

ii. Photographs/Essays can be written in Hindi or English.

iii. Schools shall complete the evaluation of entries and shortlist one entry per class category (total 04 entries from a school) for onward submission to CBSE.

iv. Entries must be supported by a Certificate of the Head of the Institution/Teacher In-charge that the entry is the original work of the participant.

Submission of the Shortlisted Entry by Schools to CBSE:

i. Schools can submit/upload the entries from 17th August to 28th August 2023 using an Android phone through CBSE Expression Series App available at the Google Play store.

ii. Each participant will get an online certificate of participation at the registered e-mail ID after the successful submission of entry on the CBSE Expression Series App.

iii. 10 best entries of each category will be selected by each CBSE Region for selection of winners at the National Level.

iv. Three best entries will be selected at the national level. All of these best entries shall be compiled in the form of a booklet for display on the CBSE website.

v. 10 best entries at the Regional Level (160 entries from 16 ROs) and 03 best entries at the National Level will be given an online certificate of merit by the Board. 

FAQs on CBSE Expression Series 2023-34

What is the last date of submitting entry 

The last of submitting a entry in this series is 16th August.

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